Finally the connection becomes firm due to applying adhesive. The resin is been dispensed to the groovings of the correlated fittings. Special tools are used to spread the adhesive to a uniform film on all surfaces. The exact tolerance between the fittings assure precise contact with glue in all correlated surfaces like shell and frontal area. The rating under tensile load takes the shell surface of all groovings only. The adhesives used by Bambutec are certified according to EN-standards. Otherwise with very good results,even natural adhesives like casein is applicable.


During curing  each joint and pole is kept in position with a centrical tight fitted pin. Bambutec is using also threaded metal pins which can be used to tighten the joints in axial direction during curing. The counter thread of the pins on both ends of a pole results in this tigthening effect while simply rotating the pole. After the curing time, typically 8 to 24 hours, the structure takes full load.