The basic resources in BAMBUTEC® constructions are natural timber poles or instead of timber, bamboo poles. Such the main members in structures are directly sourced from forestry, in more or less natural shape. This straight way of sourcing assures the economic and sustainable character of the technology. Especially small sized round wood is very cheap and plentiful available from afforesting projects. In many countries where there is a lack of timber, bamboo can be a well or even better choice for using with the BAMBUTEC® technology.

Taking ecology into account, the focus points on global warming.It is to be stated that BAMBUTEC® helps to avoid greenhouse gas in double-acting. First, the timber structure itself represents a lot of carbondioxid, which would be present in the atmosphere otherwise, second, the usage of steel or aluminium is responsible for an enormous amount of emissions, which could be avoided by using ecological ressources as timber and bamboo.

The past and present BAMBUTEC® projects show clearly the economical efficiency gained by 20 to 50%, compared with conservative methods in building structural trusses. The systematic character of BAMBUTEC® supports any extension of existing structures as well as maintaining easily and economically, which leads to excellent low life cycle costs of BAMBUTEC® structures. Last but not least the durability of these structures can be even unlimited, depending on the kind of wood used. Some specious like robinia, oak and others do not need preservation but last for more than 150 years. If preservated, much longer life can be expected. In case of protection by design unlimited life even with pinewood is possible.