BAMBUTEC® describes a systematic process to create efficient solutions with high performing joints in structural trusses. The core of the patented technology is a universal jointing method using natural poles in milled, peeled or even raw shapes. Bambutec takes profit of the exceptional properties and technologically avoids the imperfections of natural timber including bamboo.

The unique BAMBUTEC® technology allows to process all necessary elements of even complex structures on unbeaten economics.

Structural girder and space frame constructions are representing the pracitcal implementation of the most efficient mechanical principle in civil engineering. Such structures are idendified by coaxial connected rods in always one dedicated intersection. In the present state of art, it is not possible to join consistently several timber- or bamboo-poles in only one node by performing and conducting forces of tensile as well as compression.

BAMBUTEC® achieves this in consequently using jointing elements which do not have the natural longitudinal texture of timber. The timber poles are precisely machined to fit coaxial into the jointing elements being made from multilayer ply or timber-resp. bamboo-composites providing the necessary multidimensional mechanical properties.


This unique characteristic of the BAMBUTEC® technology allows to statically analyse structural trusses made of timber-poles like it is in such steel structures. The natural properties of timber and also bamboo leads under load to exceptional stiff response of such structures at very light weight. These are characteristics to recommend the use of BAMBUTEC® in a wide field of engineering including for building in earthquake prone areas as well under various other disastrous conditions.


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